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Redosljed članaka u tablici ne odgovara redosljedu objavljivanja u časopisu. Članic su sortirani prema ID-u.

1134-2014 Permeability properties of lightweight self consolidating concrete using coconut shell as coarse aggregate
1154-2014 Depth Reduction Factor (rd) Assessment for Evaluation of Cyclic Stress Ratio Based on Site Response Analysis (Case Study of Babol)
1187-2014 Experimental Study of Static and Dynamic Pressures over Simple Flip Bucket
1230-2015 Measurement of Steel-Concrete Bond Strain Using Two-Dimensional Digital Image Technique
1285-2015 Assessing the Residual Value of Heavy Construction Equipment Depending on the Age of the Machine
1315-2015 Application of constant ductility approach to evaluate strength reduction and FEMA440 C1 factors

Mechanical  and  durability  properties  of  self  compacting concrete with bagasse ash and rice husk ash as cement replacement

1375-2015 Waste management applications for e-plastic waste in bituminous pavements
1529-2015 Assessment of active and passive confinement’s influence on flexural behaviour of CFST beams
1540-2015 Comparative Study of Different Smeared Crack Models for Concrete Dam
1545-2015 Scale-Specific Modeling of Reference Evapotranspiration Based on MEMD

Assessment of liquefaction potential of soils using field tests-based methods

1573-2016 Near-Fault Ground Motion Pulse Effects on the Dynamic Behavior of Concrete Gravity Dam-Reservoir-Foundation Systems using Different Water Modelling Approaches
1606-2016 Laboratory Studies into Hydraulic Coefficient in Curved Planform labyrinth weir and Piano Key Weir
1607-2016 Analyses of cement mortars containing reclaimed asphalt pavement by using DTA/TG and FTIR
1821-2016 Seismic response of RCC dams considering reservoir effects; comparative investigation
1871-2016 The influence of lime powder on the behavior of clay soil
1951-2016 Groundwater Vulnerability Mapping Using Modified DRASTIC ANP
2017-2017 Effect of Roughness on Sequent depth in Hydraulic Jumps    Over Rough Bed
2122-2017 Seismic vulnerability of a strategic existing reinforced concrete building using non linear static and dynamic analyses
2139-2017 Evaluation of the Strength of Frost Blanket Layer Using Different Devices on the Test Road Section
2202-2017 Prostorni razvoj kaštela sv. Mihovil na otoku Ugljanu
2205-2017 Utjecaj načina financiranja na troškovno-vremenske aspekte javnih i društvenih objekata
2244-2017 Basic mechanical properties research of recycled concrete with different mixed recycled coarse aggregates
2274-2017 Seismic upgrading of isolated bridges with SF-ED devices: Analytical study validated by shaking table testing
2305-2017 An Experimental Study of the Impact Performances of Reinforced Concrete Piers with Different Reinforcement Ratios
2307-2017 Comparison and Assessment of Material Models for Simulation of Infilled RC Frames under Lateral Loads
2312-2018 Properties of high strength concrete using surface modified crumb rubber
2315-2018 The influence of superstructure type on cost and duration of residential projects
2329-2018 Seismic risk assessment using updated hazard and building inventory
2358-2018 Mortars with the addition of local industrial by-products
2379-2018 Innovative Concrete Sensing Technologies for Nuclear Power Plants
2411-2018 Use of the chloride ingress model for condition assessment in bridge management
2459-2018 Neizrazito višekriterijsko odlučivanje u planiranju i projektiranju željezničke infrastrukture

Analiza ponašanja čvornog spoja montažne čelične kupole

2523-2018 Combined acoustical and economical noise barrier optimization using genetic algorithms
2527-2018 Primjena propusta za poboljšanje izmjene mora u lukama
2546-2018 Wood biomass ash as a raw material in the concrete industry – Croatian case study
2561-2018 Basalt Powder Dependent Properties of Mortars under High Temperature Effect