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2027-2017 The effect of crest shape on discharge coefficient in linear weirs
2244-2017 Basic mechanical properties research of recycled concrete with different mixed recycled coarse aggregates
2391-2018 Bauxite Residue: A viable filler for asphalt mix 
3065-2020 Innovative method for incremental dynamic analysis curves in semi-isolated bridges
3190-2021 Study on RC Specimens Subjected to High Temperature and Strengthened with Different Techniques
3305-2021 Investigation of the Use of Waste Mineral Additives in Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and Taguchi Optimization
3343-2021 A Site Survey of Damaged RC Buildings in İzmir after the Aegean Sea Earthquake on October 30, 2020
3365-2021 A state-of-the-art review on the rheological properties of synthesized additives in hot mix asphalt
3373-2021 Experimental study on freezing resistance of permeable concrete mixed with vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer emulsion and basalt fiber
3382-2021 Mechanical and Radiation Attenuation Properties of Conventional-Heavy Concrete with Diverse Aggregates and Water/ Cement Ratios
3436-2021 Determining The Regional Disaster Risk Analysis Of The Buildings In Erzincan
3437-2021 Dynamic behavior of prestressed concrete beams considering moving loads
3462-2022 Durability Study on Ambient Cured Geopolymer Concrete Made With Various Molarities of NaOH
3465-2022 Experimental Investigation on the Behaviour of Cellular Foam Lightweight Concrete Blocks
3469-2022 Mechanical properties of mortars with EarthZyme additive
3486-2022 Statistical modelling of rutting for low volume roads in India

Performance of reinforced‎ engineered cementitious composite square columns


Developing Empirical Formulae for the Scour Depth in Front of the Inclined Bridge Piers

3538-2022 Effect of using glass sand as aggregate on micro concrete properties
3539-2022 A different approach to determine optimum viscous damper size
3548-2022 Nonlinear seismic analysis and design of 3D base-isolated buildings under near field ground motions
3559-2022 BIM Adoption for Effective Interface Management in Indian Construction Industries
3563-2022 Potential Management Factors Influencing the Construction Projects
3570-2022 The Benefit-Cost Relationship of Using Blast Furnace Slag Added Concrete as Road Pavement
3571-2022 Potential valorization of steel slag waste as an alternative material for pavement layers
3580-2022 Upgrading of isolated bridges with uniform gapped HS devices: Seismic tests
3588-2022 Effects of column damage on the reliability of reinforced concrete portal frames