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Published: Građevinar 65 (2013) 12
Paper type: Preliminary report
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Regression modelling of traffic noise pollution

Baskar Govindaraj, Yugananth Pachiappan


Noise is distinctive in comparison to pollutants like air, water and soil. It does not leave any residual evidence that would serve as a continuing reminder of its unpleasantness. Models like FHWA, CORTN, STOP and GO are used for traffic noise prediction in the US, UK, and Bangkok, respectively. But so far, no definite model has been developed for Indian road conditions. A new road traffic noise prediction model for uninterrupted four-lane Indian roads, developed using the regression analysis, is presented in this paper. This model can be effectively used as a decision-supporting tool for road traffic noise prediction on Indian roads.

mathematical modelling, transport, traffic noise, noise emission


Govindaraj, B., Pachiappan, Y.: Regression modelling of traffic noise pollution, GRAĐEVINAR, 65 (2013) 12, pp. 1089-1096, doi:


Govindaraj, B., Pachiappan, Y. (2013). Regression modelling of traffic noise pollution, GRAĐEVINAR, 65 (12), 1089-1096, doi:


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Baskar WEB
Baskar Govindaraj
Institute of Road and Transport Technology
Department of Civil Engineering,
Erode, TamilNadu, India
Yugananth WEB
Yugananth Pachiappan
Anna University
Chennai, TamilNadu, India