Published: Građevinar 76 (2024) 1
Paper type: Scientific research paper
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Failure analysis of hybrid strengthened RC square column

Vivekanandan R, Aarthi Karmegam


This paper presents an analytical and experimental examination of reinforced concrete (RC) columns strengthened with a combined system of fibre-reinforced cementitious material (FRCM) and externally bonded fibre-reinforced plastics (EB-FRP). The proposed technique makes use of these advantages in enhancing the strength and minimising the premature failure of RC columns. Seven square RC columns were cast: one control column, four FRCM-strengthened columns, and two hybrid-strengthened columns. Two fibres, namely, carbon and glass fibres, were used. The columns were tested under an axial compression load in a loading frame. The ultimate strength, load vs. deformation, failure, and ductility were discussed to examine the failure and strengthening behaviour. The proposed method provided a higher confinement effect and increased capacity with fewer FRCM with EB-FRP than the other methods. Analytical predictions of the peak load were made and correlated with the experimental results.

FRP, FRCM, hybrid, RC column, wrapping, confinement, CFRP, GFRP


R, V., Karmegam, A.: Failure analysis of hybrid strengthened RC square column, GRAĐEVINAR, 76 (2024) 1, pp. 25-34, doi:


R, V., Karmegam, A. (2024). Failure analysis of hybrid strengthened RC square column, GRAĐEVINAR, 76 (1), 25-34, doi:


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Vivekanandan R
Government College of Engineering, Sengipatti
Department of Civil Engineering
Thanjavur, India
Aarthi Karmegam
Government College of Engineering, Bodinayakanur
Department of Civil Engineering