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Published: Građevinar 52 (2000) 11
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Recent major earthquakes and their significance

Vladimir Sigmund, Sonja Zlatović


Out of a number of big earthquakes registered in 1999, the authors have focused their attention on two earthquakes, the big ones in Turkey and Greece, because of their significance for Croatian construction industry. The effects of these earthquakes confirm the current knowledge and point to new areas of research. It has been demonstrated that high loss of life and significnant damage to property is principally due to the fact that modern regulations have not been applied. It is emphasized that the experience gained so far should be used to educate engineers, but also to make proper preparations for future earthquakes

education of engineers, Turkey, Greece, research, modern regulations


Sigmund, V., Zlatović, S.: Recent major earthquakes and their significance, GRAĐEVINAR, 52 (2000) 11


Sigmund, V., Zlatović, S. (2000). Recent major earthquakes and their significance, GRAĐEVINAR, 52 (11)
Vladimir Sigmund WEB
Vladimir Sigmund
University of J. J. Strossmayera in Osijek
Faculty of Civil Engineering

Sonja Zlatović
University of Zagreb,
Faculty of Civil Engineering